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Borrowing money from the bank becomes one of our best options when we want to finance a trip abroad . And when we decide on the travel loans , we have to make sure that the plane tickets and the stay at the hotel will be covered with the money that they lend us, but we also have to think about other travel expenses like those that are destined to the leisure, and that have to do with the money we will need to pay for food, dinners, excursions, buying gifts, and a contingency fund.

Although there are travel agencies and airlines that allow you to pay for flights in installments , in most cases it is better to request a single personal loan to cover the total amount of expenses, and not to have several loans open at different interest rates. different terms, since in that way the total interests will always be higher and finally, we will always get much more expensive.

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Bigbank Plan Loan
Amount: from € 1000 to € 15,000
Minimum term: 12 months
Max term: 6 years
Your money in 48 hours Request it

Direct Credit Cofidis

Amount: from € 500 to € 6,000
Minimum term: 12 months
Max term: 42 months
Money without explanations Request it This loan from Cofidis can be requested to finance your vacation or for whatever you want , since you do not need to present a budget or an invoice, nor give any kind of explanation of the reason for requesting the money.

Loans for the financing of trips abroad

Irse de vacaciones con un préstamo

If we have decided to apply for a loan for a trip abroad , for Europe or anywhere in the world, it is because, yes or yes, we need a vacation that takes us away from everything and perhaps from everyone. And even if it is paying the price of interest, it is something that could not be postponed any more.

The average amount of this type of credit is between 1,500 and 7,000 euros, and its purpose is quite open. So the banks that offer us leave us the possibility of allocating it to the purchase of flights , stay in hotels, and anything that has to do with leisure, as for example the case of Cetelem that offers us the option of financing the purchase of sports equipment or go to any holiday destination, be it on beaches, mountains, cultural or rural tourism.

The conditions

The conditions can vary a lot from one loan to another and, for the most part, will depend on factors such as our credit profile, how much our payroll goes up , what kind of account we have, and the products that we have contracted with the bank, as well as the term that we choose to pay the loan, the total amount and the amount of the monthly installments. But what we should always look at is the following:

It is the money that we are going to request to finance our family vacations , and it is so important not to fall short, nor to ask for an amount higher than our needs. It must be proactive and take into account whether in the coming months or years, we will be able to face the payments.

The quicker we get to liquidate the credit with the bank or the lender, the cheaper the loan will be, so the calculations of how much money goes into each month at home and how much we can devote to paying the installments must be done very well. Always taking into account all the expenses we have, and leaving a percentage for contingencies or emergencies.

So the possibility of liquidating it in months or years, will depend on the total income and expenses that we have. Taking into account that the quotas will be lower the longer the amortization period.

All banks offer us very similar percentages in loans for consumption, which move around 5% and 7%.
In addition to this data, we must also pay attention to the opening, cancellation and amortization commission.

In this case, it should be borne in mind that the longer the repayment period, the higher the interest we must pay, so we must be proactive and assess how much time it would be possible to pay for everything.

Loans for study trips

Banks such as la Caixa, Banco Santander , or Kutxa, and other specialists in this field, offer this type of financing that allows you to study abroad , take a cultural trip or use it to make the end-of-career trip and enjoy the Caribbean beaches. All of them are intended for young people who, in addition to dedicating this money to defraying the expenses of the trip, are also allowed to dedicate it to any other type of purpose, since these are consumer loans.

For the financing of study trips, small amounts are usually requested , ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 euros, and their purpose is to cover the expenses associated with this type of travel.

  • Intended for young people between 18 to 30 years.
  • Maximum repayment terms 6 years (72 months)
  • 100% financing.
  • Fixed interest rate.