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On this page, we inform about the working of a debt counselor, the process of a debt restructuring and give recommendations for reputable providers.

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Help Easy Germany
  • Specializing in the debt restructuring of over-indebted loans
  • A network of specialist lawyers throughout Germany
  • Free confidential debt restructuring request
  • Econo has experience with debt restructuring since 2004
  • Free analysis of the debt situation
  • Emergency aid without waiting time
  • Goal: Less debt and lower rates
German debt relief
  • Reduction of the debt burden and rates
  • A free and non-binding analysis interview is possible throughout Germany.
  • Experience with debt reduction for over 20 years.
  • Alternative to renovation
  • Summarizing current loans.
  • Crediter forgoes debt rescheduling despite negative Schufa.

Getting out of debt

The television station RTL has created a quite successful reality series with and on this topic. That debt and over-indebtedness cannot be denied, the following graph shows:

Even if the number declined sharply in 2009, the rising trend cannot be ignored.

Become debt free

First of all, it is important to clarify which types of debt there are. You already have debts, if you overdraw the current account with ten euros. You also have debt when you buy the TV on credit. Both facts are not yet tragic. Experts see a capital service of up to 25 percent of the net household income as justifiable.

Debt occurs when net household income is no longer sufficient to provide debt servicing. However, the debtor still has other assets that he can use to settle the open positions.

Over-indebtedness is mentioned when the debtor has neither sufficient net income nor other assets that could be liquidated. If this situation has occurred, sleepless nights and unopened envelopes are usually the results. Overindebtedness inevitably leads to insolvency without the help of experts. Already in the preliminary phase, the debt, the way to a debt counseling is advised. Many sufferers commit the mistake and march open-minded into over-indebtedness. Lack of money often leads to complete lethargy and a form of self-abandonment. However, this does not have to be the case if a serious debt restructuring is started early.

The debt counselor – coach and negotiator

Debt counselors do not take legal advice but cooperate with specialized lawyers in this case. First of all, the debtor advisor helps the debtor get an overview of the outstanding claims and their general financial situation. This overview is often lost through the ostrich policy.

Debt restructuring process – how does it work and what is it?

The first step in the process of a successful reputational debt restructuring consists of three points:

  • First, it requires a statement of all income. In addition to the income from employment include, for example, income from part-time jobs or interest income. Possible pending repayments, be it from the tax office, be it repayment repayments are also recorded.
  • In the next step, all expenditures must be listed by means of a budget book. This approach also shows where savings potential exists. The debtor must also consider any additional payments, for example for suppliers or taxes.
  • The final work process to get started on the recovery is to list all liabilities. Special attention will be paid to creditors who are already threatened with seizure or debt collection.

Negotiations with the creditors

To avert threatening private insolvency, there are several approaches. The first is that the debtor advisor negotiates with the creditors about changed payment arrangements. This includes, for example, reducing existing installments or agreeing to installments for open one-off receivables.

In this context, some debt advisers offer that the debtor transfers the open monthly claims in one sum to the adviser and distributes the funds to the creditors. This procedure has an advantage. With the often high number of different invoices, no payment is forgotten and the debtor does not succumb to the temptation to delay one or the other payment.

Credit for debt restructuring

Another approach to debt restructuring is to pool all outstanding claims into one loan. Existing loans are being rerouted, and one-time receivables replaced by the loan. However, the option to bundle all outstanding debts and replace them with a loan often harbors a stumbling block. Unpaid invoices and bounced installments on existing loans are reported by the creditors to the Schufa. This makes it difficult to negotiate with a bank for a loan. Also, in this case, debt counselors know how to negotiate with a bank and can usually “sell” the recovery plan better than the debtor involved.

A debt relief, as made possible by Article 397 rty, is probably not accepted by any creditor, because every company wants to “see” their money again.

Care in private bankruptcy

If the approaches, as described in the section above, have no chance of success, the debtor only has the path to private insolvency. Fortunately, the number of private bankruptcies in Germany has been steadily declining for several years.

Even if personal bankruptcy is based on a court ruling, it can turn out to be more or less harsh for the debtor. It is therefore important that the debtor, in this case, is also professionally assisted in order to achieve the best possible solution. The inexperienced in these things usually consumers are the legal departments of the creditors or their lawyers, whose interest is, of course, the largest share of the borrowable income of the debtor.

Select debt counseling – what is important?

Peter Wzarts will only be active in cases that guarantee RTL high ratings. But what about the single mother with 1,500 Euro net income and 10,000 Euro debt? This is on the selection of a debt counselor on its own. As in every industry, there are also black sheep, who want to enrich the need of their fellow human beings. How do you recognize a reputable debt counselor?

Reputable debt counselor

There are certainly companies that have been successful in this profession for many years, sometimes decades, and can demonstrate corresponding successes. Of course, these companies also want to earn money, it only raises the question of how. Reputable debt counselors forego prepayment or arbitrarily invoice during the proceedings. The costs are clearly stated. In addition, they provide on-site support, meaning that they are regionally or nationwide active. Personal counseling is an integral part of the debt reduction strategy. For example, a payment method is that the debtor, as described, transfers his outstanding payments in one sum to the Distributor for redistribution. This amount may then include the fee of the consultant. The payment is therefore not in a sum, but ratierlich.

Debt restructuring online

The Internet allows a debtor to describe his financial situation online in advance. The proposed solutions are then no longer via the Internet, but just personally.


Even if it seems that debt is threatening, the road to a debt counselor should be a must. You can settle/consolidate in one place your payday loans. This gives the debtor a first overview of what is feasible without immediately making another financial commitment. If the over-indebtedness has occurred, the person concerned can not continue without professional help. The path to the pawnshop is already no solution at this time.

Find Cheap Mortgage Loans – How To Do It?

Through our mortgage loan comparison, it will be possible to find a suitable loan to build or buy a property. At the same time, you can look at cheap offers to pay low interest and fees. In addition, we give in this guide tips how to find the cheapest possible mortgage loan. But first of all, we show what a mortgage loan is and what its features are.

All important facts about our guide “Mortgage Loan” at a glance:

  • A mortgage loan can be used for home construction or home purchase.
  • In order to find cheap mortgage loans, one should especially look at the interest rate and the special repayments.
  • The most common mortgage loan is the annuity loan, where the rate remains the same every month.
  • Before the mortgage loan comparison, one should calculate its equity.
  • A mortgage loan can also be combined with a Infrasavings bank loan.

1. What is a mortgage loan?

1. What is a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is an ordinary loan used to buy or build a home. However, the real estate owner hands the rights to the property to the bank. Although he receives the necessary money from the bank, the bank can forcibly foreclose or foreclose the property as soon as the owner can no longer repay the debt to the bank. The gain of the administration or auction of the property would eventually go to the bank.

2. Overview of the properties of mortgage loans

2. Overview of the properties of mortgage loans

To be able to make a mortgage loan comparison, one should first look at the characteristics of such a loan:

  • So there is the feature annuity here on the one hand. This represents the composition of the interest and repayment. The annuity remains the same over the entire term and must be repaid regularly, ie in monthly installments. Only the interest and repayments can vary. If you want to calculate the annuity, you have to add the interest rate to the repayment. If, for example, the interest is three percent and the repayment also results in an annuity of six percent. For a loan of 150,000 euros would therefore have to pay 9,000 euros per year.
  • On the other hand, finally, are the loan interest. These are charged to borrowers by the bank for obtaining the loan. easy to determine via a loan interest comparison.
  • Finally, there is the repayment, which represents the monthly rate.
  • Also important is the fixed interest rate. This indicates a fixed interest rate that will last for a few months or years. Often the fixed interest rate is given for ten years. Subsequently, usually a new interest rate is needed. This can of course be lower or higher. Because of this, it can be a risk and an opportunity.
  • Meanwhile, the alternative to fixed interest rates is variable interest rates. Here the interest rate is not fixed during the entire term. This means that the bank can adjust the loan interest rate at any time, depending on the market situation, so that you have to pay more and sometimes less. This is therefore also a risk, because you can not predict how much you have to pay.
  • Another characteristic is the duration, which represents a certain number of months or years. During this time, the loan must finally be repaid.

3. Mortgage loan comparison: How to find the cheapest deal?

3. Mortgage loan comparison: How to find the cheapest deal?

If you are finally conducting a mortgage loan comparison, you should include various aspects in the test. This also includes knowing the forms of mortgage loans. There is an annuity loan, a term loan and a repayment loan. Most of the time, the annuity loan already described above is offered. Here, the rate is, as already mentioned, always the same. Only the parts of the interest rate and the repayment change bit by bit.

Special bank loan for home purchase – the mortgage loan

In addition, of course, you should keep the favorable loan interest in mind. However, not only the level of the interest rate plays a role here. It is also important, whether it is a variable interest rate or a fixed interest rate. The fixed interest rate has the advantage that there is no risk. After all, the interest rate will not change throughout the term. However, this is possible with the variable interest rate. Therefore, here is the risk that the interest rate increases. On the other hand, of course, this can also sink.

To recognize cheap mortgage loan from the beginning, but you should also look at the possibilities for special repayment. Therefore, not only the monthly rate but also the flexibility should be set before the contract is signed. It should be agreed, how often you can do a special repayment for free or how expensive the special repayment is.

Special repayments are otherwise very well suited to save. Because of these, the loan amount can be reduced before the end of the term. For example, if you pay an extra sum every half year, the entire loan becomes cheaper. Of course it would be best if special repayments can be carried out at any time free of charge.

But you should also look at the conditions. This is because each credit institution has different requirements for the borrower. Normally, however, a regulated income or a good job is required. This should guarantee the repayment of the bank. In addition, the property is usually well preserved and profitable. For example, a house that is as good as demolished is not enough security for the banks. If you also want to know more about the individual requirements, you can also read our corresponding guide “Credit Requirements”.

4. Step by step to the loan

4. Step by step to the loan

However, before one can begin with the mortgage loan comparison, one should calculate the equity. This is quite easy in just a few steps:

  1. First of all, you should check your equity. In addition one counts all secure investments together. These include, but are not limited to, savings accounts, building society savings contracts, fixed income securities, time deposits, coins and cash.
  1. Then you count all shares, funds and bonds on this amount. However, this should only be done taking into account the risk discount.
  1. After all, a few net salaries are deducted from this amount. About three to six should be enough. These serve as reserves for financial emergencies.
  1. Anyone who has done this can ultimately add up all investments that are due only after a few months or years. These include, for example, fixed investments or mortgage bonds. But the return values ​​of life insurance are also part of this capital.

By these calculations one knows finally, which equity is available. The missing money can finally be applied for as a mortgage loan. For this, as already said, a mortgage loan comparison is recommended.

5. Connecting mortgage loans with Infrasavings bank loans?

5. Connecting mortgage loans with Infrasavings bank loans?

It is also possible to combine mortgage loans with a Infrasavings bank loan. Such a loan can be used both for building a house and for buying a property. However, it is always linked to a few conditions.

For example, homebuyers must make sure that energy efficiency is right, because it is important to comply with special energy-saving requirements. When building a house, you should also pay attention to the energy efficiency and in addition to the environmental friendliness.

If you would like to apply for the additional Infrasavings bank loan, you should always pay attention to energy efficiency

It is also important to know that this loan must not be obtained from Infrasavings bank but from the bank through which the mortgage loan has been obtained. Often, however, these banks do not inform about the possibility of combining loans with the Infrasavings bank loan. If you combine the two loans, you should only pay attention to the fact that you now have to pay two monthly installments and not just one for his property.

6. The conclusion: favorable interest rates are possible

6. The conclusion: favorable interest rates are possible

In summary, we can finally say that cheap interest rates and overall cheap mortgage loans are possible. On the one hand, this is achieved by comparing the various loans in terms of interest rates, fees and provisions for special repayments. On the other hand, you can keep the interest rate cheaper by calculating the maximum equity. After all, you have to take the least amount of credit. At the same time, however, you can apply for the mortgage loan with a Infrasavings bank loan and thus increase the chances of favorable interest rates again. Incidentally, our online loan calculator can help you compare.

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Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings!

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Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings! Why choose Heathcliff?

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Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings! How to do?

Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings! How to do?

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Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings! Who can apply for the loan?

Loan At Low Taeg: Choose Savings! Who can apply for the loan?

To take advantage of the Taeg Basso Loans it will be necessary to evaluate the value of the installment and the total cost of the loan, considering all the necessary expenses. Thanks to the Taeg it is possible to immediately understand the convenience of our Taeg Basso Loans.

It is important to check that the rate proposed by the bank does not refer only to the first installments of the loan, but is instead a Taeg valid for the entire duration of the loan, so-called full rate.

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Heathcliff offers the rate at the best possible conditions on the market. But not only: you can choose the installment of the loan to be repaid and the duration of this.

For those requesting a Taeg Basso Loan, insurance coverage is also provided which is guaranteed in the event of involuntary death or loss of employment. You can also pay off the Taeg Basso Loans in a duration ranging from 24 to 120 months. In the installment are already covered the various expenses and in any case can never exceed the fifth of your salary, can obviously be less.

Taeg Basso Loans can be disbursed by bank transfer or, if you do not have one, by check. All this is possible thanks to the sale of the fifth, which also allows you to renegotiate the loan in advance: this allows you to recover all interest not yet accrued. The salary assignment can be requested by those who receive income from permanent employment or from pensioners.

Visit our page dedicated to financing the Cession of the Fifth to find out how to benefit from this opportunity.

Loan for residual debt relief – smart problem solving


The question of whether a debt to remainder debt relief is possible, are many consumers. For those who had to restrict themselves for six years by a bankruptcy, will certainly have some wishes, which should be met afterwards. But beware: a new loan can quickly lead back into the debt trap.

What is a residual debt exemption?

Residual Exemption is a process related to bankruptcy. Anyone who was insolvent and has not accumulated any further debts during the good conduct phase for six years will be completely debt-free through a debt waiver. This can start a new life, without the legacies dull the joy of the new beginning.

For many consumers, insolvency and the associated removal of residual debt are the only chance to pay off the accumulated debt. Most consumers emerge from the situation stronger and forge ahead during the conduct phase. A relapse into old patterns of behavior is rarely given.

What effects does this have?

The remainder of debt relief allows shaking off debts that can not be paid. Although this is a very tedious process that comes with many limitations. Many consumers would have no chance to get rid of their debts without the bankruptcy, including debt relief. On the contrary, they would increase because interest and fees would be charged.

In addition, the debt coloring the Private credit negative. A regular contract signing would not be possible. Even a loan for residual debt relief would not be possible.

Why is a debt relief loan so complicated?

Why is a debt relief loan so complicated?

A debt relief loan is not an easy task. After the release of residual debt, the Private credit is still negative for three years. Even if the bankruptcy is marked as done. The lenders see the negative entry and classify it accordingly.

As a rule, those affected are considered to be unworthy of credit because the credit risk associated with the loan is too high. When looking for suitable loan offers must therefore be considered a lot. Otherwise you will experience a lot of rejection as a loan seeker and the desire or the project that goes along with the borrowing, can not be implemented.

Credit after debt relief – what options are available?

If the loan is only taken out after the debt has been repaid when the Private credit is clean again, all options are available with a good credit rating. Because then the bankruptcy left no traces in Private credit and the banks go without prejudice to the lending.

However, if you are in a hurry, you have to focus on offers that do without the interrogation of Private credit. Then the lender learns nothing of the previous bankruptcy and will not consider this in the lending. Suitable offers come from abroad or from credit intermediaries operating within Germany.

It is also possible, with the help of a guarantor, to implement the loan for residual debt relief. However, it is advisable to put the citizen more in the interests of the banks than the actual borrower. For despite the guarantor, the bank could be disturbed by the previous bankruptcy and could link high conditions to borrowing.

Do not forget

Do not forget

After the bankruptcy is before the bankruptcy? Probably not. Anyone who has ever undergone bankruptcy will know how exhausting this is. Sufferers should therefore do their utmost to never get back into such a predicament. Therefore, a debt relief loan should only be envisaged when it becomes really necessary.

Luxury items or wishes that are not absolutely necessary should first be reset. After the bankruptcy, those affected usually have more money available. Creditors no longer have to be served. If you manage to take a little back, you can quickly save one or the other Euro. And with the savings then the desire can be fulfilled.

Lease Machines, Save on Loans

The constant struggle with the problems of the lack of funds for further activities of the company is a problem for many entrepreneurs. Taking loans is always a solution, but their repayment is simply unprofitable from a business point of view. If a new device is needed for our company, it is better to lease machines.

Idea Standing Behind Leasing

Idea Standing Behind Leasing

Instead of signing another loan agreement or borrowing equipment from the manufacturer for years, companies often use machinery leasing . Its essence is to provide the required item for business purposes. Leasing is always signed between two or three parties: a machine manufacturer, a company and possibly a leasing bank.

The company gets the equipment needed for it, and in exchange for the leasing of machines from a bank or manufacturer, it undertakes to regularly repay installments of the value of the machine plus interest.

What Are The Forms Of Leasing Machines?

What Are The Forms Of Leasing Machines?

The Civil Code specifies, among other things, what forms of machinery leasing can appear in the contract. These are among others:

  • Operating leases,
  • Financial leasing,
  • Leaseback,
  • Consumer leasing (not for companies here).

Operational machine leasing is based on the fact that the actual owner of the machine is the company signing the contract with the bank. It pays only installments with interest for purchasing a device with foreign capital. However, he does not get any depreciation and insurance.

On the other hand, financial leasing is the reverse of operating lease. The bank is the owner of the machine and withdraws it from the company, and in return insures it and amortises its value. At the end of the contract, the company may buy a leased machine.

The last lease of machines to choose, or return, actually consists in the fact that the company transfers its equipment to the bank, and in return grants it loans. It’s a bit like setting up at a pawnshop, but the company can always buy back its machine if it’s needed.

Loan Process Mortgage Loan Step by Step to the Contract

The credit process or Mortgage Credit step by step

We usually start thinking about mortgage loans in the moment we decide to change our housing status. Regardless of whether we buy a flat on the secondary or primary market, or dream of moving to a larger flat, the whole undertaking requires appropriate earlier preparations. It’s best to start doing this before you find your dream apartment or house. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

The fact is that a mortgage is a completely different product than a cash loan, which we can get immediately. We will not get mortgages “without proof”, in one day, as is the case with consumer loans for any purpose. Obtaining a mortgage involves a very complicated complicated process, and requests for obtaining are governed in advance by separate procedures and methods of analysis during the whole loan process that must be passed by everyone if they want to finance the purchase of their own real estate. Therefore, read the following article to save yourself unnecessary nerves and make the optimal decision. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

Because it is a very serious financial commitment in the lives of the majority of people who dream about their own apartment, it is advisable to go to a specialist in the field of reliable advice and coordination of activities in the field of applying for a product with the participation of a reliable credit adviser. It is the duty of a credit counselor to explain to us in detail what awaits us during a fairly complex credit process. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, we can count on an effective plan of action, which will effectively reduce the time of obtaining a mortgage. And we will buy the property found safely on time without worrying about the seller’s down payment and whether we will manage everything on time. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

With a mortgage loan, a good credit advisor will help us participate in negotiations with the bank, but also for example from the Seller, including the Developer, if there is a need for the provisions in the contract or other key issues. On our behalf, the advisor knows how to negotiate and what arguments to use so that the price terms of the loan are the most advantageous for us, ie loan margin, terms of early repayment without commissions costs, but also negotiations of various provisions in the credit agreement. An example may be the negotiations regarding the obligation to have additional products, i.e. the obligation to have a credit card, life insurance, etc. Credit process Mortgage loan step by step

Analysis of loan offer and loan agreements

It should be remembered that a mortgage is only a tool that allows us to purchase real estate, it is important to choose appropriate solutions, and a credit advisor will help you. What is the loan process for applying for a mortgage? Below is a step-by-step guide to the procedure for applying for a mortgage.

The entire loan process associated with obtaining a mortgage can be compared to a pulse that is measurable in our arteries. Just like in everyday life, so in the process there is an accelerated heartbeat when the dates in contracts with the seller chase us. The small and lazy heart rate usually occurs on the bank side, which is given to others who are in the whole process. So to align your entire heart rate, it is advisable to use the experience of a good credit advisor who will prevent a collapse (refusal to grant a loan) during the entire project.

When you are not sure whether you need a product at all, do not fill out the contact form. In this way, you do not waste time with other customers who at that time expect quick help from us, thanks to which we can keep high standards of service and a fast process.

If you are looking for a phone for us, you will not find it here. We do not run the Call Center department because it is related to the costs of a special line (recorded calls) etc. By filling out the contact form, you give us a clear signal that we will contact you in a specific matter. However, if you like to hang on the helpline and talk to a pseudo-adviser about generics, go to another place instead of specifics!

We apply for a mortgage loan or credit procedure for granting a mortgage

We apply for a mortgage loan or credit procedure for granting a mortgage

Steps of the credit process step by step to withdraw funds

The first step: meeting the Advisor with the client

The first step: meeting the Advisor with the client


When thinking about mortgage loans, we should measure our strength for intentions, this is very important so we should be aware of what expenses we will be able to afford. The amount of the maximum amount available from a mortgage loan often determines the scope of apartment search, which is why it is worth to estimate your creditworthiness in the first place. Meeting with a credit counselor has the task of making us aware of the situation from the level of the future borrower and also allows to realistically plan a future investment related to the purchase of an apartment or house. By the way, we will also learn about the requirements for documents and get acquainted with the simulation of installments and additional costs around credit, which increase the total cost of the planned investment. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

What will be necessary for us to meet with an adviser for an efficient assessment of our abilities? First of all, information from the employment contract (period, whether it is an indefinite or definite contract, from when), and data on our average remuneration from the last 3-6 months. In the case when we run our own business, we will also need financial documents from the current and previous tax year. The credit advisor, based on the information received, will initially estimate our creditworthiness, which depends, among other things, on the income, the number of people in the family, the loan amount and the repayment period. So we have to meet very strict conditions. For the bank, the best solution is when the borrower’s earnings are high, while the bills and other obligations that they pay are as low as possible. The invoices include monthly payments for rent, car and food and clothing expenses. Other liabilities include installments of other loans, loans, guarantees, etc.

For the bank, it is also important if we have credit cards with high limits and debits in the account – all of this effectively reduces our creditworthiness. You have to remember that a mortgage is not only a way to make your dreams come true in order to buy your own apartment. With credit, I make many sacrifices, which results in an additional burden on the household budget for the next few or several decades.

When you take out a mortgage, your credit rating will probably be severely tarnished or completely exhausted. Therefore, if we are planning additional expenses for equipment or renovation, we should not count on future bank loans. It is better to immediately decide on a higher amount of the loan, and the savings should be spent on the necessary work and an emergency fund. Mortgage is the cheapest source of money available to individuals, so you can not find another cheaper loan on the market.

During the first meeting with the credit counselor, he should provide us with a list of the required documents for the loan application, on which we will find, among others, current valid identity document, a certificate of employment from the employer on the bank’s printout in which we would like to receive a loan, annual testimony submitted to the Tax Office or a PIT document from our employer. If we earn our income in a different way than through a contract of employment, their list will look different and certainly will be longer. In addition, documents related to the real estate being purchased, ie the land and mortgage register, the basis for purchase of the purchased property by the current owner, a certificate from the cooperative about the right to the premises or the lack of arrears in fees will be needed. The list of documents will be extended when the subject of the transaction is the construction of a house or the purchase of a real property and its renovation. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

Signing the preliminary contract

Signing the preliminary contract

for the purchase of an apartment, house or plot

The signing of the preliminary contract may take the form of a notarial deed or an ordinary civil law contract. The basic difference between the two forms lies in the legal consequences that arise from them. In the case of a civil law contract, which we usually sign in the real estate office, a claim is made as to the down payment. In the case of a contract drawn up in the form of a notarial deed, this entails claims for the performance of the entire contract, on the terms and conditions set out in the act. Additional protection may also be recorded on the claim that will then appear in the land and mortgage register. An additional difference is certainly an additional cost, which we must incur in the case of a preliminary contract in the form of a notarial deed that we pay in a notary’s office.

Regardless of what form we will use, it is worth using the advice of an experienced credit advisor, thanks to which we will save your time and money in the event of a badly prepared contract that the Bank may not accept.

The contract should include all necessary information, ie: the price of the property, the amount of down payment or down payment, the property identification and all parties to the contract, and the relevant information required by all banks – the deadline for concluding the final contract. This last element is worth estimating with a certain margin of security, because the entire credit procedure can take up to three months.

Second step: Submission of loan applications

Second step: Submission of loan applications

At this stage, the credit advisor will offer you mortgage products free of charge and impartially on the basis of the situation presented by us, best suited to our needs and specific life situation. The obligation of the future borrower is to provide all documents requested by the adviser. At the meeting with the adviser, we decide which banks we will apply for under the terms we can obtain. Why should we submit applications to several banks (max 2-4)? Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

In the case of a positive decision from more than one bank, firstly we have a field to negotiate with other banks and, secondly, we are calmer in case that the Bank of the first choice with the best conditions refused to grant us a loan – it is a kind of security in case of unfavorable circumstances. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

The process of analyzing the application looks similar in each bank, analysis is carried out in terms of the validity and completeness of the documents and then goes to financial and real estate analysis. It should be kept in mind that the time for analyzing the application may be extended, in particular in the case of temporary offers, when the bank promotion is in progress. During the analysis, the Bank, as an institution that lends us money, wants to be sure that we will be able to repay the borrowed funds, so we may request additional explanations on various issues that are directed to the adviser who represents us. The adviser provides the bank with information on behalf of us and with our consent and mutual knowledge. Therefore, the adviser during the whole process is in constant contact with us.

During the analysis, property valuation is made. Whether we buy a flat on the primary or secondary market. The subject of the valuation is real estate, on which the Bank will secure the so-called mortgage entry in the land and mortgage register. By means of a valuation, the Bank verifies the value of the property or by chance is not lower than the amount of the loan granted and whether it meets the criteria for the subject of collateral, including Is it suitable for living etc. Most banks will not be secured on a property that is intended for renovation or is in poor technical condition.

For the valuation of the property, we will pay, depending on the bank, from PLN 0 to PLN 900; we can also make an appraisal study ourselves, the cost of which is also about PLN 400-500.

Third step: Credit decision

Third step: Credit decision

The Bank after conducting a financial analysis in which it evaluates our creditworthiness and also performs formal and legal analysis of the real estate that we want to purchase, also verifies us in the Credit Information Bureau, including in terms of whether we are able to pay off the obligation for which we apply. At BIK, we verify our history of how we served other liabilities provided by other financial institutions in terms of their service or there were no delays in repayment of installments, which adversely affects our assessment. Banks verify min. 2 years back the history of other obligations, but sometimes they look also up to 5 years back or we did not have stumbles. Therefore, we are screened with our consent, which we express by signing the loan application. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

Some banks also issue so-called initial credit decisions only assess our financial situation to borrow. Such a decision is always conditional. It is accompanied by a list of documents that we must provide to the lender – the Bank. Such a decision may change to a negative one after the valuation of the real estate or after providing explanations or documents that are included in the decision. If we have submitted applications to several banks at the same time, it is the right time to compare the received offers and reject the least attractive ones.

By issuing a final credit decision, the bank often also sets conditions, only after they have been met – the provision of additional documents or explanations makes it possible to prepare a loan agreement. In simple cases, decisions are made without conditions, so the contract is usually prepared immediately or on the day of the filling. It should be noted that each Bank has its own internal procedures and the validity of decisions in each bank is different. Usually the credit decision is valid for 30 days, although you can find a bank that issues a decision with a validity period of up to 90 days, which is then extremely comfortable for us. Especially when we are waiting for other decisions from other banks or in other specific cases for us.

Fourth step: Negotiating credit terms

Fourth step: Negotiating credit terms

When we receive at least two positive credit decisions from banks, it is much easier for us to negotiate in order to negotiate more favorable terms. Certainly it will not be easy from the client’s level, because most of the bank’s employees will try to convince us that there is no possibility to negotiate and the proposed conditions are very attractive. Therefore, in this case, it is worth using the services of independent credit advisors who know the competitive offers available on the market and are also able to justify any negotiations based on facts, describing the client’s individual situation. In addition, such an advisor may also use his contacts at the bank’s headquarters, which open many doors and suddenly it turns out that you can get the conditions for which we have applied. Finansowa Przystań has many business contacts, so negotiations are not a problem for us. We managed many structures in banking so we know from the other side the negotiation possibilities of banks and for our clients we obtain the most favorable conditions. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

After satisfactory negotiations for both parties, calculation of the full loan installment and verification of any additional costs, i.e. insurance, additional obligatory products such as credit card or ROR account, all offers should be analyzed and the most favorable one chosen for us. In this case, one should not take rash decisions, because the consequences will be felt for the next decades. Therefore, it is worth to carefully consider all pros and cons together with your credit adviser to make the right decision about choosing the offer of the bank with which you want to get involved for longer.

The fifth step: Signing a loan agreement

The fifth step: Signing a loan agreement

Once we have made the decision about the choice of the offer and the bank, a loan agreement is prepared at our request, which may take several days. At this time, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the model of such a contract and ask for clarification of any doubts of your adviser. It is also worth finding out how long it will take to pay the loan, this information will be useful to us when preparing the notarial deed. In each bank, this procedure takes differently from one to three days

Regardless of whether we have already familiarized with the loan agreement model, when signing our copy of the contract, please read it carefully. The contract contains provisions relating specifically to our case, including requirements regarding the so-called cross sellu, that is additional products (credit card, ROR), which we must buy and maintain for a given period, to count on a lower loan price.

Before signing a contract, it is always a good idea to contact your credit counselor, certainly on the basis of his knowledge and experience he will catch more details or possible mistakes that may or may not occur. Thanks to his help, we will avoid many unpleasant consequences, eg during the signing of the final contract in the form of a notarial deed, in which we are served by the execution in the event of non-payment of the seller’s funds. For people who do not have the knowledge and experience in the payment of funds to overlook a small detail or the supposedly prosaic condition that appears before the payment of funds from the loan can cause a lot of trouble. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

Sixth step: Payment of the loan

Sixth step: Payment of the loan

After signing a loan agreement with a bank, you can make an appointment with a Notary and conclude the final contract transferring ownership of the purchased property. The notarial deed indicates, among others, dates and amounts of payments. In the notary act, the appropriate information will be included in the scope of our own contribution to the funds coming from the loan. To pay the loan, the Bank will require the presentation of a notarial deed, and proof that we have paid our part of the price, the seller, unless such information is confirmed in the notarial deed. In the event that the seller will be missing confirmation that receiving some of the funds from our side, the Bank will require 100% additional document confirming the fact of payment of the seller’s funds. Such confirmation will be eg a confirmation of the transfer from our bank account. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

However, before the funds are on the seller’s account, we will still have to perform the formalities related to the mortgage entry in favor of the bank that grants us the loan. There are two solutions, the first is the conclusion of the application in a notarial deed (additional cost at the Notary Public) or the submission of an application to the District Court in a specific Land and Mortgage Registry Department relative to the location of our real estate. Sometimes banks in this area are able to relieve customers themselves and propose that they will handle all formalities for us. Additionally, after the activity related to the security in the land and mortgage register, we will also have to insure the property against fire and other fortuitous events – usually on the value of the real property given by the credit decision or on the minimum of the amount of credit granted.

When the seller receives all the funds, in particular a transfer from the bank from the funds granted to us, the stage of applying for the loan ends and the repayment begins.

The situation is different when we buy an apartment from a developer on the primary market, the Bank pays out the loan in installments as construction progresses, before signing the final notarial deed.

The last condition that we will have to meet after paying off the loan is to provide the bank with an extract from the land and mortgage register with a mortgage entry on its behalf. This should be submitted as soon as we receive such information from the Court that an entry has been made in the land and mortgage register. In the interim period, we incur higher credit costs. Depending on the bank and the decision, these are additional monthly premiums that increase the monthly loan installment or it is an increased interest rate on the loan as a result of which, for the first period, we have higher loan spreads and thus a higher installment. Some banks reduce our costs themselves when they receive notification about making an entry from the Court, but this is a rarity. We advise you to take care of your own case because the banks have millions of customers, and it is in our interest to make the payments lower costs. After all, the Bank is not a charity and it’s its job to make money on us. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step


Applying for a mortgage is a very complex procedure with many stages, some of which last from several days to several weeks or even months. Do not be surprised that the credit counselor is not able to promise at the first meeting how long you will have to wait for the loan. This fact is made up of many factors that we mentioned, including good contact with the client regarding the clarification or supplementation of documents requested by the Bank. However, a good credit advisor will use all known methods that are designed to shorten this process and for sure thanks to the cooperation with him, applying for a mortgage will be simpler for us and, above all, faster than if we wanted to get it on our own in a bank where clients are often treated as object-wise.

Finansowa Przystań makes every effort to ensure that the whole process is understandable for the client and at the same time fast, and in the case of different situations, together with the whole team, we find an alternative solution for the given situation, so as not to leave the client alone. Feel free to contact us. Loan Process Mortgage loan step by step

Loans to finance trips and vacations NOW!

Borrowing money from the bank becomes one of our best options when we want to finance a trip abroad . And when we decide on the travel loans , we have to make sure that the plane tickets and the stay at the hotel will be covered with the money that they lend us, but we also have to think about other travel expenses like those that are destined to the leisure, and that have to do with the money we will need to pay for food, dinners, excursions, buying gifts, and a contingency fund.

Although there are travel agencies and airlines that allow you to pay for flights in installments , in most cases it is better to request a single personal loan to cover the total amount of expenses, and not to have several loans open at different interest rates. different terms, since in that way the total interests will always be higher and finally, we will always get much more expensive.

Contents of the article

    • 0.1 Cofidis Direct Credit
  • 1 Loans for the financing of trips abroad
    • 1.1 The conditions
  • 2 Loans for study trips

Bigbank Plan Loan
Amount: from € 1000 to € 15,000
Minimum term: 12 months
Max term: 6 years
Your money in 48 hours Request it

Direct Credit Cofidis

 Direct Credit Cofidis

Amount: from € 500 to € 6,000
Minimum term: 12 months
Max term: 42 months
Money without explanations Request it This loan from Cofidis can be requested to finance your vacation or for whatever you want , since you do not need to present a budget or an invoice, nor give any kind of explanation of the reason for requesting the money.

Loans for the financing of trips abroad

Irse de vacaciones con un préstamo

If we have decided to apply for a loan for a trip abroad , for Europe or anywhere in the world, it is because, yes or yes, we need a vacation that takes us away from everything and perhaps from everyone. And even if it is paying the price of interest, it is something that could not be postponed any more.

The average amount of this type of credit is between 1,500 and 7,000 euros, and its purpose is quite open. So the banks that offer us leave us the possibility of allocating it to the purchase of flights , stay in hotels, and anything that has to do with leisure, as for example the case of Cetelem that offers us the option of financing the purchase of sports equipment or go to any holiday destination, be it on beaches, mountains, cultural or rural tourism.

The conditions

The conditions can vary a lot from one loan to another and, for the most part, will depend on factors such as our credit profile, how much our payroll goes up , what kind of account we have, and the products that we have contracted with the bank, as well as the term that we choose to pay the loan, the total amount and the amount of the monthly installments. But what we should always look at is the following:

It is the money that we are going to request to finance our family vacations , and it is so important not to fall short, nor to ask for an amount higher than our needs. It must be proactive and take into account whether in the coming months or years, we will be able to face the payments.

The quicker we get to liquidate the credit with the bank or the lender, the cheaper the loan will be, so the calculations of how much money goes into each month at home and how much we can devote to paying the installments must be done very well. Always taking into account all the expenses we have, and leaving a percentage for contingencies or emergencies.

So the possibility of liquidating it in months or years, will depend on the total income and expenses that we have. Taking into account that the quotas will be lower the longer the amortization period.

All banks offer us very similar percentages in loans for consumption, which move around 5% and 7%.
In addition to this data, we must also pay attention to the opening, cancellation and amortization commission.

In this case, it should be borne in mind that the longer the repayment period, the higher the interest we must pay, so we must be proactive and assess how much time it would be possible to pay for everything.

Loans for study trips

Banks such as la Caixa, Banco Santander , or Kutxa, and other specialists in this field, offer this type of financing that allows you to study abroad , take a cultural trip or use it to make the end-of-career trip and enjoy the Caribbean beaches. All of them are intended for young people who, in addition to dedicating this money to defraying the expenses of the trip, are also allowed to dedicate it to any other type of purpose, since these are consumer loans.

For the financing of study trips, small amounts are usually requested , ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 euros, and their purpose is to cover the expenses associated with this type of travel.

  • Intended for young people between 18 to 30 years.
  • Maximum repayment terms 6 years (72 months)
  • 100% financing.
  • Fixed interest rate.